Make-Up Policy

Make-Up classes are NOT GUARANTEED as availability depends on classes not being full. Families must be OK with missing a class and not being able to make up a missed class.

We are happy to assist you and your student in any way possible, and you can direct any additional questions to or 510-626-8464

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Opportunity to Make-Up classes expires after the given section. Expired MakeUp classes have no redeemable value. Any Make-Up classes being done NEED to be during the SAME session as the missed class. No exceptions!

Same day cancellations of a class (cancellations made on the day of the lesson) will not be eligible for Make-Up classes.

A maximum of two Make-Up classes will be allowed per session (No-processing fee will be applied). Make-Up classes are available based on space and availability only. A $15 processing fee will be charged for each Make-Up class after the two allowed Make-Up classes.

Requests for make-up classes through WeChat will not be honored. The request for make-up classes NEEDS to be submitted through THIS FORM.

A make-up class will be provided for swimmers who miss a class without aprior 48-hour notice with a doctor’s note.

All cancellations of a class must be given 48 hours prior notice. Cancellations withless than 48 hours prior notice will be subject to a $15 make up fee.

Available make up times are available to view on our live Make-Up Availability sheet.

A makeup class is confirmed ONLY if you receive a Make-Up confirmation email.

Once a Make-Up class is scheduled, it CANNOT be canceled or rescheduled. In addition, a missed Make-Up class will not be eligible for another Make-Up class. Please schedule wisely.

In case of a teacher absence, we will try to inform you via email, unless it is emergency last-minute substitute. A make-up class WILL NOT be granted if you miss the class due to the teacher being absent.

SEMI-PRIVATE classes are expected to be made up as a semi-private makeup (Both students must miss the class, and both students must make up the class.) Otherwise the difference ($9) between semi private and private lessons will be charged for the private make up class.