Our Programs
Choose from our programs to be connected to an instructor and quickly and effectively help achieve each swimmer's goals
Seasonal Sessions
Weekly lessons over ten weeks customized to every student.

Summer session 2023 is between June 1st and August 31st. Decide on the frequency and type of lesson for your student, and be prepared to swim!

Private coaching

Personalized  30 minute classes for every comfort and skill level. Recommended for beginners or students that need extra support!

Sessions starting from $560 ($56/lesson)
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Semi-Private Lessons

Smaller classes perfect for getting started and practicing. Turn swim lessons into a fun social activity with friends or siblings!

Sessions starting from $560 ($56/lesson)
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Drop-In Lessons
Try a class with us,
no strings attached.

Not sure whether Hippo Swim is the right option for your student? Schedule a drop-in lesson to try it out! Each lesson is paid individually, without the commitment of the entire 10-week session.

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Pre-Competitive Training
Ready to swim to the next level?

Our newest program prepares students for competitive swim teams, like swim clubs and school teams. Students should be able to swim all four strokes comfortably prior to the program beginning. Please contact us if your student is new to Hippo Swim to see if this option is right for them!

Pre-competitive training

Intensive preparatory lessons for advanced students, provided on Mon, Tue, Thu, and Fri from 7:30-8:30pm

Monthly enrollment for $395
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Notices about our programs:

$50 registration fee will be applied to the first payment and is valid until the end of 2023.
You can book a parent-coach conference at end of the each lesson to help communicate next steps.
Missed classes can be made up on a limited basis. Learn more about our make up policy here
Take an extra 10% off on sibling registration!
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